raven byrne

draweththeraven | they/them | australia

hi! my name is raven, and i'm a nonbinary artist and researcher.

i specialise in digital illustration with bright colours and a cartoonish feel, and love to draw mine and others' original characters. i also make videos, animate, and write about religion and meme culture. all my art socials are @draweththeraven!

here's a quick look at my art! there is a wider range of examples on my social media and my website (linked at the bottom of the page)

academia and theory

i'm currently hammering out my fine art honours thesis on memes and their role in art history and practice, which i want to publish and/or turn into a video essay!

my YouTube series 'quoth the raven' is made up of rants and video essays dealing with a number of different things relating to art, politics, and my special interests. past topics include orientalism, animation, and andrew lloyd webber.


anthrel is my main comic project, about the lives and times of personified religions. do not speak to me about hetalia. i'm begging you